Mobile decontamination generator DECON Mini


The DECON Mini mobile decontamination generator is an independent ergonomically designed device that generates disinfection aerosol through the distribution system, which serves to disinfect the room in which it is located. Due to its simplicity and small size, DECON Mini is suitable for decontamination of rooms in pharmacy and healthcare, as well as in hotels, restaurants, nursing homes, office buildings, cars, trains, airplanes, and other rooms where it is necessary to ensure an adequate microbiological level of cleanliness.


Working principle:

The mobile decontamination generator generates a disinfectant aerosol by pumping the decontamination agent through a dedicated nozzle. Adequate distribution of the decontamination agent in the room is crucial for effective decontamination of the room. The device is distinguished by an excellent spraying system with an appropriate distribution angle and an optimal droplet size of the decontaminant, which enables good homogenization in the room, and at the same time an evenly wetting of the surfaces

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Used for:

The mobile decontamination generator is easily carried around the building due to its compact design and lightweight. Before using it, the device needs to be located centrally in the decontamination room.

The device is operated by the digital timer and start button. After switching on the device, two times are to be set, the first one to evacuate and seal the room and the second dosing time. By pressing the start button the cycle is started, the room must be emptied and the staff may return to the cleaned room after a certain time of room exposure. For its operation, the device needs to be connected to an electrical network.


The intended packaging for the decontaminant is a 0,5 or 1-liter plastic bottle, which is attached with a special bottle cap to the side of the mobile decontamination generator. The attaching system of the bottle enables safe transport of the device inside the building with the decontaminant installed. Before the transfer of the mobile decontamination generator between the locations, a preliminary disassembly of the bottle with the decontaminant is foreseen. When changing the decontaminant, the bottle is changed together with the contents, so there is no need to pour the decontaminant inside the place of use of the device.

Decontamination of rooms:

The size of the room defines the distribution time of the decontaminant. The concentration of the agent defines the degree of microbiological efficiency. During the process of decontamination of the room, it is necessary to care about the safety restrictions dictated by the properties of the decontamination agent. Depending on the desired cleaning effect, H2O2 (hydrogen peroxide) in various concentrations can be used as a decontamination agent.

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Dimension (L x W x H)

275 x 250 x 270 mm


5 kg (without disinfectant)

Operating time

up to 30 min (accuracy 1 s)

Disinfection volume

up to 100 m3 (0,5 L), 150 m3 (1 L)

Electrical connection

230V/50Hz/0.2 kW

Noise level

60 dB

Consumption of disinfectant

30 g/min


Disinfectant based on H2O2

Decontaminant packaging

Plastic bottle 0,5 L – 1 L