About Thana Green Power And Partners

Start of development of disinfectants

We started by developing a disinfectant that will effectively destroy, not just remove, mold; friendly, will not damage the surface where disinfection is carried out, and safe to use, both for humans and the environment. In 2015, we further developed two products: IZA effect X6 and IZA effect X10, and in 2016 we upgraded them to IZA effect Silver Line 3 and IZA effect Green Line 6. All disinfectants are based on hydrogen peroxide, which decomposes into water and oxygen when used. The rapid volatility of hydrogen peroxide was solved by adding biodegradable stabilizers, thus achieving long-term action for actual destruction and, with an ionized barrier, protection against bacteria, mold, fungi, and other undesirable microorganisms. The product remained environmentally and health-friendly at the same time.

Cooperation with Studio Moderna

Together with Studio Moderna, we continued to develop disinfectants and in 2016. developed the product Wellneo Iza Effect, a means of destroying nail fungi, bacteria, and unwanted microorganisms and in preventing the occurrence of these problems. We successfully performed with the product first in six, and now we are gradually expanding to 19 European markets, where the companies Iza Effect and  Thana Green Power are present. We will upgrade our successful cooperation in 2017. by developing a new foot care product.

Expanding areas of application

At the same time, we started offering disinfection products and devices to companies in the fields of agriculture, food, transport, education, health care, and nursing. When presenting disinfectants and disinfection devices, we were surprised by the positive response and knowledge about the importance of disinfection in both business and private premises and areas. Privately, mainly in kitchens and bathrooms, as well as in caravans, mobile homes, and motorhomes.

Presentation at the First Post Covid19
The Hotel Show in Dubai

In June 2021. our product was presented at the Hotel Show In Dubai.

eco friendly products showroom

Silver Award of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry for innovation - Chambers of the Middle European region at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry

In June 2017, the Chambers of the Middle Europe region at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry for integrated disinfection with Thana Green Power for personal, commercial, and industrial use, suitable for the destruction of pathogenic particles in all PTs in various areas of disinfection awarded the company the Silver Award for Innovation.

New, environmentally friendly packaging

In 2017, we paid special attention to packaging, which is now more resistant and made of environmentally friendly materials.
We are proud to have started developing a means of destroying and protecting against mold, and today our disinfectants can be used safely for health and the environment in a variety of areas.


Friendly nature and health

Disinfectants and disinfection devices of the company Thana Green Power are effective and at the same time safe for use, both for the health of the user and for the environment in which the disinfection is performed. The company developed disinfection products in cooperation with the European Institute for Chemical Safety, the Institute for Research and Development in the Field of Chemical Safety.

To ensure efficient and safe use of the product, we performed a number of tests in the following authorized laboratories at home and abroad:

The test results showed that the product is suitable for all forms of disinfection, both surfaces, pool water, and aerosol, and that it can be used for human hygiene on human skin as well:

The effect of disinfectants can also be verified by tests to control the success of disinfection performed on the surface or in the air. With a tester, we take a sample from the surface or from the device where you want to detect the presence of bacteria. The sample tester is sent to the laboratory and analyzed in the laboratory of MEDUCOMP GmbH in Germany, which prepares a written report on the success of disinfection within 7 days.

Low carbon footprint

In the operation of the company, we strive for a low carbon footprint, so we have all suppliers from the surrounding area, the maximum distance is 20 km.

For all customers who are ecologically oriented and decide to return the packaging directly to Thana Green Power, Malahide, Dublin, we offer a lower price of our products for the cost of packaging.

Our production and packaging are environmental friendly.