Disinfection of interior living areas and associated areas, approved and registered by Biocides in Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine.

Protect yourself and your family, as well as the employees in your company. Make sure your home or business is safe from viruses, mold bacteria and fungi. Due to the unique application technique, the rooms will be safe and the feeling of living in such a space will be more pleasant and, above all, completely healthy.
Hydrogen Peroxide is recommended disinfectant by World Health Organisation.
Our products are approved by Irish regulator body Biocides within Department of Agriculture , Food and the Marine in Ireland.

When Disinfection is needed?

Disinfection of interiors and surfaces with Decon Mini And Decon Classic

The DECON Classic and DECON Mini mobile decontamination generators are an independent ergonomically designed device that generates disinfection aerosol through the distribution system, which serves to disinfect the room in which it is located. Due to their simplicity and small size, DECON Classic and Mini are suitable for decontamination of rooms in pharmacy and healthcare, as well as in hotels, restaurants, nursing homes, office buildings, cars, trains, airplanes, and other rooms where it is necessary to ensure an adequate microbiological level of cleanliness.


  • Ergonomic design
  • Stainless steel version
  • Treatment of metal surfaces with water blasting
  • Good distribution of decontaminant
  • High efficiency
  • Lightweight
  • Quiet operation
  • Damage resistance
  • Easy surface cleaning
hydrogen peroxide mobile device

Disinfection with our devices is easy, fast, 100% efficient, safe for people, safe for the environment.

What is prevented by disinfecting the room:

Development of mold in the room and equipment, fungal diseases; it destroys bacteria, spores and viruses in the room.

disinfection products by Thana
Biodegradable disinfection products by Thana

Advantages of disinfecting rooms with the IZA EFFECT disinfectants:

The product should not be wiped but left on the surface to dry.
The surfaces are not sprayed until wet but covered with fog.


antibacterial spray test
skin disinfectant test
mould removal test
disinfectant spray bacterial test


hand sanitizing dispenser
Biodegradable disinfection products by Thana

Hand disinfection with Thana Green Power

Purpose and use

Visitors to public spaces have been avoiding disinfection for some time because they have had unpleasant experiences with the application methods and the content of disinfectants. Either they receive too much product, or the application method is too complicated, and it takes too long to find out how to dose the disinfectant. Many have already noticed changes on their skin – using untested disinfectants, which dry out the skin and damage the top layers of the skin and, if used frequently, also endanger health.

Thana stands for hand disinfection is a disinfectant based on hydrogen peroxide. For a number of years now, hydrogen peroxide has been applied for disinfection, due to its efficiency and absence of harmful impacts on human health or on the environment at low concentrations. Our disinfectant reacts with all organic substances, including biological membranes of bacteria, fungi, moulds, spores, and viruses. This makes it an effective disinfectant to combat all these organisms. However, hydrogen peroxide is prone to fast decomposition. To prevent this, our innovative formulation extends its effective life and achieves the full disinfectant capacity of destroying microorganisms 

Disinfectant is laboratory tested on 30 people of different ages and skin types.


Disinfection of hands: Prior to disinfecting, thoroughly wash your hands. Dry and spray the hands. Let the agent dry. If the skin appears dry – tiny white spots on skin – this is an indication of dry skin; treatment with moisturizing cream is recommended.


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